Psychology Graduate Programs

Psychology Graduate Programs

Seeking a PsyD, PhD, or Master's degree in Psychology? Compare psychology graduate programs now:

Top 3 Psychology Programs in 2013

Walden University

Online Master's & PhD programs in Psychology: I/O, Forensics, Clinical, Counseling, and more.

Grand Canyon University

Online Master's and PhD Programs in Psychology & Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Capella University

Online Programs in 12 fields of psychology (Clinical, Counseling, School, I/O, Addiction and more).

Psychology Degrees

PsyD vs. PhD in Psychology

There are several differences in a psychology PsyD vs PhD in Psychology programs, however, both receive the same title. So, which degree is better?

Online Classes

Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes

Not sure if earning a Psychology degree online is right for you? Get the facts you need before you apply and find out if earning your psychology degree online matches your learning style.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Psychology Programs

Probably one of the most important parts of the college application process is applying for financial aid. Securing financial aid for psychology programs if no different.

Top Psychology Graduate Programs

Whether you are seeking a PsyD, PhD, or Master's degree in Psychology, you can easily compare psychology graduate programs using our Quick Degree Finder.

Although it might take between 1 to 3 years to complete your studies, the financial gain is substantial with doctorate degree holders earning almost $40,000 more per year than workers with a bachelor degree. Regardless of whether you hold a PhD, PsyD, or MA in Psychology, you can be sure your degree will be worth its weight in gold.

Psychology Careers

Psychology is a very diverse career field. There are many different positions you can hold and in many different environments. You are no longer tied to a private practice or hospital, though those are two of the most common career paths students choose to pursue.

If you are hoping to pursue a career in academics or ground breaking research, then you will need to have a PhD degree. However, a master's degree in psychology is all that is required if you want to work in the field as a counselor, school psychologist, forensic psychologist, clinical psychologist, or a sports psychologist.

What should I look for in Psychology Program?

The best psychology graduate programs should either possess regional or national accreditation from an accrediting body that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

When comparing colleges and universities, consider the following criteria:

  • Admission requirements
  • Course content and presentation
  • Program length
  • Class size
  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Tuition and financial aid

Am I required to attend any classes on campus?

Most of the accredited universities offering degrees online know that you have other commitments. For this reason, most online degree programs can be completed 100% online without ever stepping foot in a classroom. However, some doctoral degree programs require a brief residency (for example, one week spent in residence).

Psychology Graduate Programs

The field of psychology is an attractive topic for many college students. In fact, you may already know someone that studied psychology in college or is planning to earn their bachelor's in psychology sometime in the next few years. Once you have completed study in an undergraduate psychology degree, there is no place else to go but up the ladder to a master's degree. While many companies and organizations may take a bachelor's degree in psychology as a minimum requirement, most are really looking for a master's or doctorate in psychology. For those who want to further their career in this field, psychology graduate programs are here to help!

There are number of schools that offer psychology graduate programs online as well as on-campus. This gives students the opportunity to learn from their home computer at a time that is convenient for them. Since the field of psychology can be very broad, and career paths are many, there are many colleges that will allow you to focus on a specialization within the field.


Specializations in psychology graduate programs can include: applied psychology, crisis management and response, educational psychology, health psychology, organizational psychology, social psychology, terrorism, psychology of culture and more.

One you have completed a psychology graduate program and earned your masters degree in psychology, you will be able to seek out careers in a number of settings. Many psychology graduates find careers in human resources, social services, data analysis, project management, and more.

Students who have completed the masters degree in psychology can also go on to earn a doctorate degree. This is a requirement if you want to practice in a private firm, hospital or other medical setting. Doctorates in psychology can also be earned online as well as on-campus and can take several years to complete. However, by earning a master's degree, you have put yourself in a position that will make you more versatile to employers and give you the final step you need to become a licensed psychologist.

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